>Trying to get back in the swing of things…

>Writing this blog was a “stroke of genius” that I had several months ago that has not been followed up on very well. Well, after having it as my home page, staring at me every time I pull up my internet browser, always the same and never changing, I think it is something that I need to take back up as a priority.

A lot of things about my life have sat for several months staring at me, always the same, never changing, much like this blog page. Stagnation is a terrible thing. I sure to some people my life has seemed to be dynamic and moving forward, but most of the time I have not felt like that was the case. I think in a lot of ways I have tried to be something I’m not, tried to obtain goals or do great things without the stuff it takes to make those goals possible. I’m really coming to a place though where God is helping me to realize the things that really count and He is bringing me back to myself.

I guess I feel like I’m reentering a life of integrity by changing to be who God wants me to be and not being what will be the most prosperous or exciting. It’s hard to think that for at least several months you have had your priorities really messed up, and to think about what you could have done with all that time if you had had your head in the right place.

Well prayer is helping me change all of that. Getting in line with the will of God is helping. Reexamining some old books (not the least of which is the Bible) is helping. And, putting my thoughts and ideas out through this blog and other media will help as well. So, I hope to spend time doing what I’m doing right now a lot more in the future. Hoping it will be a blessing to myself and many other people.


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