>A note for Sunday morning…


by Glen Gaugh on Sunday, October 31, 2010 at 6:18am
I listened to Dennis Miller’s radio show late one night, since that is when I am driving to and from work, and he had on a regular guest and friend of his, actor Orson Bean.  I enjoy listening to this program, though it is a secular program, and one reason is that Dennis Miller often brings up religion and Christianity, stating that he is not born-again, but that he is a believer and a person of faith in God.  Recognizing his guest as a Christian and one who has turned his life around from heavy alcohol use, he asked Mr. Bean about his religious beliefs and involvement.  Mr. Bean stated that he was not a church-goer, and that he is much better able to connect with God in other contexts.  However, the part of Christianity that really strikes him is the Cross, and that Christ died to save people who otherwise would be lost.

I hope we remember this today as we plan for worship and the Word today.  All of our rallying for attendance and participation will mean little or nothing if we are not calling people to the Cross of Christ.  Christ and the Cross are all that separate His believers from believers of any other religion.  That our Savior died as an act of love for fallen man so that all might be saved- this is what every skeptic must grasp.  Every atheist who spews hatred for religion, and every Pharisee that encourages such views of religion, needs to realize they are missing the point if they don’t realize this is all about God loving us equally and desperately desiring a relationship with all of mankind.  Jesus died on the Cross, the blood flows from the Cross, the Spirit was released from the Cross, there is room for all at the Cross, and we must die out to sin at the Cross in order to live.

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