The ABC’s of Spiritual Leadership

by Glen Gaugh on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at 4:12am
Advocate- stand up, speak out, proclaim.

Be where the need is; be prepared.

Call on the Lord.

Demand the best from yourself and others.

Educate yourself and others.

Follow the Holy Ghost.

Give all you’ve got.

Have the right spirit, motive, attitude.

Integrate all that you have in Christ Jesus- His Spirit, your skills, experience, trials, testimony.

Just do it!

Know who you are, whose you are, your responsibilities and limitations.

Love the Lord and people.

Motivate yourself and others.

Need the Lord in all His power.

Open the door of opportunity.

Plan and position yourself for the will of God.

Quiet yourself- hear God.

Respond to the need.

Stand firm.

Trust the Lord.

Understand the will of God.

Validate the call of God in your life and in others.

Work while it is day.

X ray vision- see through the junk.

Yearn for home- don’t forget about Heaven!

Zero in- focus!


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