>A note for Sunday morning, 11/14/10


There are two things about you and me that are eternal- our souls and our purpose.  Success or failure in achieving our God-given purpose will ring throughout eternity, as our souls will live for eternity in God’s heaven or Satan’s hell.

God really is the only one who knows what we are and what we are to become- our present reality, and our future possibility.  Gene Edwards asserts in A Tale of Three Kings that many of us are David’s who are following Saul’s, yet none of us have the wisdom or knowledge that God has to know for sure if our present leader is actually a Saul, or if he is a David in waiting.  In fact, we have to beware, because we also do not know if we ourselves are actually David’s, or Saul’s.  The difference is made in terms of brokenness and humility.  To think we know someone better than God, while denying our own sins and shortcomings is not brokenness.  But realizing we know little about what someone else is in God’s eyes, and knowing that God has more in store for each one of us than we are capable of realizing on our own, while recognizing the agonizing truth of the reality we find ourselves in right now- this is brokenness, full dedication to following God’s purpose, and true salvation for the soul and the eternal purpose that God has called each of us to realize.

Jesus, help us to understand our reality and our possibility in You.  Amen.


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