>Harnesses? Really? Get a grip.


by Glen Gaugh on Wednesday, November 17, 2010 at 12:25am

These child harnesses and leashes really make the point to me that attachment is easier bought than created.

Here’s a list, though possibly incomplete, of ways to build real attachment.

Positive reinforcement, setting limits, clear expectations, age-appropriate talk and activities, hugging, pet names, pats on the back, random acts of kindness, unconditional positive regard, age-appropriate discipline, smiling, quality time, rewards, consistency, positive socialization, family togetherness, protection from harsh realities, honesty, time, love, kisses, bedtime routines, stories, listening, going crazy in a fun and safe way, saying no and meaning it every time, saying yes when possible and meaning it every time.

That should get us all started!


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