>A note for Sunday Morning, 11/28/10

>Communication is key.  Never have I been more aware of this fact than I have in the past year.  With some important and difficult changes that have occurred, communication with family, friends, supervisors, and ministry leaders has been vital to success in every area of life.

Communication with Jesus is of the utmost importance.  Just as speaking and listening are the basic tasks in human communication, so they are in communication with the Almighty.

“The call”, as it is known, is a divine appointment from Christ to take a high place in His work.  The success of the call depends on the quality of the communication!  Not only does Jesus have to be speaking, YOU have to be listening!

Pursuing the call is a life-long process.  Mistakes are to be expected, missteps will occur.  What is important is: are you listening?  Are you making course-corrections when necessary?  A day, a week, a month, or even a year of struggle or mistakes will not define the call that God has for you.  There are consequences for every decision of course, but the only inexcusable mistake is to not take time to seek God and listen to His voice.

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