>To know is to love…

>My son Elisha’s complaint about bedtime prayer is, “I don’t want to say that prayer over and over again!”  Mind you, he says it once each night, but insists on me playing Star Wars with him at least 500 times a day!

I tried to explain to him that he doesn’t talk to me just once everyday, but he talks to me over and over again.  He’s still too young to understand.  But some of us adults have trouble understanding that Jesus needs to talk to us at least once a day, preferably more. 

Relationships are sustained by communication, and familiarity produces intimacy.  Prayer is the connection to God that brings the His much-desired intimacy with each of us and allows us to understand His will.  The Bible informs us and guides us and is enlightened by that relationship with his Spirit to affect every part of our 21st century lives, even though it was finished over 2,000 years ago.  Fasting helps turn the almighty Self into the little-s self that each of us should be so we can submit to God and hear His voice through the Spirit and the Word of God.  And we have to do it over and over again because once isn’t enough!

I have to remind myself of this on the 499th time my son wants me to play his game with him, and more so when my Father aches for fellowship with me during undeserved hours or days of silence on my part- to know someone is to love them, and to love them is to spend time with them.  Thank God that He came down to know me and has made a way for me to Him through the sacrifice of His Blood and indwelling of His Spirit!


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