>When Crisis Comes to Church

>It is so important to do right toward all who come through the doors of the church.  I read a statistic on Twitter posted by the authors of Essential Church (Thom and Sam Rainer) that said 26% of people who no longer attend church stated that their church was a support in times of personal crisis.  That number should be higher.

I feel that many in ministry or leadership do not feel equipped to handle many of the individual and family crises that come to church.  It takes more than quoting scripture or offering to pray.  It takes being willing to “be there” in a real sense of empathy and listening, without judgment, shock, revulsion, or lecturing.  It takes having a present focus.  And more than anything, it utilizes the spiritual reserves and every ounce of the Holy Ghost one has; feeling and listening to the Spirit is essential.

That being said, education and preparation will prepare leaders and ministers for the day that crisis comes to church.  The way front-line leaders and ministers in the church handle the challenges of crisis will determine how safe, accepted, and available people are to the work of the Holy Ghost.

More to come…


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