>Letter to Glenn Beck

>I heard the last part of the Glenn Beck program yesterday morning, and Glenn was talking about visiting New Orleans and feeling a sense of evil, especially in the French Quarter, and witnessing the depravity of people being strung out on the sidewalks and streets.  I felt compelled to send this email last night.  I don’t know if it will be answered or even read, but there is a point in it that I felt the need to express: good intentions, and good works (such as the unity in efforts to rebuild after Katrina) will never dispel spiritual evil; only spiritual warfare in the name of Jesus Christ will do that.

So read, and then take a time of prayer for New Orleans, and for your own community and state, that spiritual wickedness in high places will be subdued and sinners will have a clear path to Jesus Christ.

Hi Glenn,

I appreciate your show; you always offer a lot for me to consider when I get to listen.

I heard the conversation on air this morning about your experience in the streets of New Orleans and wanted to comment.  I am a born-again Christ believer and minister in the United Pentecostal Church.  Like everyone else, I see and admire the efforts of the people of New Orleans and of the state government in Louisiana and know that they are a resilient people with strong roots.  I do not believe that any of the disasters, from Katrina and other storms of the past, to the oil spill, are specific judgments of God, only that these disasters are inevitable in the times we live in as foretold in the Bible.  I do, however, believe that any major disaster is an opportunity for people, individually and collectively, to turn to God as the source of all healing and restoration.

The ministers and churches that I am aware of across the state know that they wage a war against Satan.  The evil that you and your guards recognized there is known to be a spiritual oppression.  You mentioned that there seems to be two different groups of people, recognizing those that are under the evils of addiction, prostitution, profiteers of such activities, and are hollow of hope and waiting for government to intervene.  And then recognizing those with fortitude and strength, resilience to rebuild their lives and give back to a community that has given to them.

I submit this: as far as Satan is concerned, the city and its economy has to stay alive in order to keep a grip on the lives of those people who are already under his influence.  The rebuilding and revitalizing of that city by good, well-meaning people is not the light in the spiritual darkness; without a spiritual revolution, it only allows a parasitic relationship to continue on.  The real light in the darkness is when people put their faith in Christ and battle spiritually against the evil that is present through prayer and change.

I know that you have called people across the nation to prayer and belief in God as the answer for our country.  The same call, made to all of the people of New Orleans and Louisiana, is required to release the grip of Satan on the destitute, the addicted, the broken and the lonely.

Consider Ephesians 6:10-12 and Acts 19:21-41 as scriptural references for my assertions above.  These references really address the spiritual atmosphere as a whole, as well as addressing what you said about the French Quarter, with all of the debauchery and evil that entraps people, being vital to the economy and seen as indispensable.  When large-scale spiritual warfare is done, it disrupts those that profit from the pain and suffering of others.

Thanks for reading and blessings,

Glen Gaugh, MSW
Jackson, TN


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