Soar, or Stall? Part 1

(featured in Wise Guy Whispers,

We all come to these places in life, in work, in relationships or partnerships, where we have to decide if a vision or an idea is going to take off, or be grounded.  If it’s going to soar, or stall. It comes when you start counting cost. Or, when you question significance.  Or when you are criticized.  Possibly when you start losing interest.  Definitely when the going gets tough.

It’s hard when you’ve stuck your neck out, to think that something you’ve invested in or vouched for may not fly.  That’s why it is important to count the cost.  The four areas of concern below may help you determine if you need to LEAP, or stay on the ground.

Leadership- Do you have the vision? Can you communicate and get others on board? Are you afraid of letting others be involved in your idea, or in your life? Do you know the “next steps”? Can you put ideas into action? Are you willing to be accountable?

Effort- Are you willing to put your best foot forward? Is it worth your time and energy? Can the effort required be sustained? Do you have the strength?

Actuality- What is reality? Where do you stand right now? What will it take to get from where you are to where you want to be? Do you have the resources required? Realistically, is your goal possible?

Passion- Do you want it so bad that it hurts? Does your endeavor have a place close to your heart? Do you wake up for it everyday? Can you love your purpose and the people you are striving to serve/reach? Are you willing to give all? Do you have faith to overcome the obstacles?

As difficult as it may be, you may realize that there are some things that you need to quit.  There are other things that you don’t need to start.  Identifying the “soar or stall” point is important in order to make sound decisions.


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