Soar, or Stall? Part 2

Ideas, Intentions, and Initiative

Ideas are to be mulled over, thought about, written down, shared, taught, built up, expounded upon, filled out, saved, treasured, and communicated.  Ideas may be communicated to those closest, those who know you and are used to your quirks; an idea may be bigger than life, misunderstood, or misconstrued.  An idea is a fragile, fleeting thing that has to be captured in the moment.  Some people are idea people, dreamers, visionaries.  These people find inspiration in everything; if they could enact just a percentage of all that pops into the mind, the world would be a better place.  Ideas can soar when they are

captured, considered, and communicated.

A select group is invited to add value to it.  It is taught for others to try.  Or, maybe an idea becomes a passion that must be pursued.  Ideas are the creative work of people, the emulation of the creative work of God in the Earth.  Ideas can stall, however, when they are

squandered, sidelined, or squashed.

Ideas become intentions by decision.  It does not occur by default: I decide that I am going to pursue an idea wherever it takes me.  Intention is transition: a time to make plans, set goals, and communicate more.  The circle of confidants expands, because you need to find like-minded people.  Wings are being added to the idea.  It can soar!  But it also may stall: intention must quickly move toward action.  This is the time that priorities really become clear.  After so long of declaring intention, you have to look honestly and ask, “Am I doing it? Or not? If not, why not?”  What is needed to go forward, and is it worth it?

Intention becomes initiative when it rolls out.  When it is headed toward the runway.  When it is marketable and can provide value to others.  All the investment in the idea and the preparation during the intention stage takes a shape that can mean something to someone else.  If communication has occurred regularly and appropriately, then you already have a base of support.  The initiative can soar!  But there is a stalling point that can occur even after take-off; these are the most deadly stalls, when reputation and preparation and resources are strained by wind sheer and shattered by the impact.  The higher it goes, the harder the fall.  Fear is highest at this point for just this reason.  But it cannot be a factor in the decision.  Nothing great was ever achieved as an idea or an intention.  There has to be INITIATIVE! 

All things considered, it is best to count the cost at each stage and make wise decisions.  Ideas, intentions, and initiatives can play out in so many different ways.  Timing is key.  Resources are key.  God’s will is of the utmost importance.

But there comes a time when you have to spread your wings and go for it.


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