Powerful Words Part 3

Labels are powerful words that do more than describe or designate- they debilitate. Whether a person is labeled due to behavior, disability, education, finances, mental status or outward appearance, three negative conditions become engrained:
Embracement- of the label that has been given; the person “opts in”. “People treat me like an invalid, so I am.”
Empowerment- to live out the forgone conclusion that is communicated by the designated label. “I am told I’m a bad kid, so that must be what I am. It is expected; I will be what everyone expects me to be.”
Entitlement- expectation of being accommodated or excused; instead of true acceptance as a unique person who is just as capable as anyone else. “I just can’t do it; society or my situation restrict me, so people will just have to get over it. I have no contribution to make because this is just who I am.”
The three conditions above limit growth and potential for people who wear labels that others have assigned instead of developing an identity rooted in God’s truth and hope. All of us must be careful not to injure otherwise strong, capable people with labels.


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