Spiritual Development for Fathers Part 1

I write unto you, little children, because your sins are forgiven you for his name’s sake. 1 John 2:14.

Do you know any little children that really have sinned? I know plenty that demonstrate the sinful nature. Especially if there are siblings involved. But children are not thought of as sinners.

John explains why he is writing in his first epistle, starting with children. Whether or not young children actually read this (they probably heard it read aloud), John is addressing those of innocent age or development, whose only true achievement is that their sins are forgiven.

Children may not be looked at as sinners. But in my experience, they have a heart to please those with whom they are close. My little Elisha has said sorry many times when he had nothing to be sorry for because he sensed that I was displeased with something. And even if he had done nothing wrong, that attitude made me beam inside, knowing that he had a sensitivity to his father that made him want to please me.

The first step in spiritual development is captured in childhood innocence and desire to please the Father. More to come…


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