Spiritual Development for Fathers, Part 2

No man starts out as a father, but every father begins as a son, a child.  And every child becomes the person he will be in life due in large part to those who care for him.  Having an aggressive or passive father creates different, but equally negative, responses in a child.

I write unto you, little children, because ye have known the Father. 1Jo 2:13 KJV

John wrote his epistle under the assumption that those who would hear it were spiritually mature.  The starting point for this maturity was childhood, which is true physically and spiritually.  He wrote to the children because the had known the Father.  The problem for so many fathers today is that they have no knowledge of their fathers, both earthly and heavenly.

If my dad has been absent, why should I believe that my Father would be there for me?  If my dad has been harsh, why would I expect more from this much-touted Heavenly Father?  Men start with the example their fathers provided for them and apply it to God, for good or ill.  The answer for spiritual healing and growth, however, is to start with God, and allow a relationship with Him to guide in understanding imperfect human fathers.  Growing spiritually in healing and reconciliation will require you to become a child and to get to know the Father as a first step.

Furthermore, Dads, understand that you portray the Heavenly Father to your children.  Spiritual development is key to making sure they have a clear picture of the Father’s love for them.


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