Keep America sovereign and secure for our freedoms!

I wrote this letter to my senators tonight after reading a news update from the United Nations.  The UN News Digest, July 28th, included the article I refer to and can be accessed at .  It is not necessarily an exciting read, but I believe we need to pray, fast AND act to preserve the best interests of our country until the Lord’s return.

Dear Senator,

 I am a minister, social worker, and proud American.  My wife, 2 sons, and I are proud to be native Tennesseans as well.  We love our freedoms and way of life, particularly our freedom to worship God according to our conscience, to raise our children as we see fit, and to work in jobs that provide a home for our children.

 I am writing to express my concern about an article in the UN News Digest for July 28th, entitled “DEISS URGES FLEXIBILITY AS ASSEMBLY DEBATES STRONGER UN ROLE IN GLOBAL GOVERNANCE.”  In the article, the President of the UN General Assembly calls for nations to “see beyond national positions to the common good.”  This would be for the sake of becoming more long-range strategically and to “go beyond crisis management.” He also expresses doubt about the current policy of rotating the presidency of the General Assembly, stating that greater coherence is needed to enforce policies that would take several years and span many presidencies to implement.   

 If the United States consents to more control by the United Nations generally, enters into treaties that increase the United Nation’s control over specific areas of American life, or endorses a global administration that has jurisdiction to enforce international law on Americans, I would view it as a weakening of our position in the world and a threat to my, my family’s, and my neighbors’ way of life.   Our citizens should not be subject to unelected officials that lack the foundational values of our own country.

 I read the May 6th, 2002 statement of Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, explaining the reasons for US withdrawal from a treaty with the International Criminal Court.  The Secretary denounced the Court’s attempt to impose jurisdiction over our service members and indict actions of our military in a politicized manner.  I would be most proud to see such stands as this become more common, even as the sovereignty of our nation is attacked more often.

 I believe in my country’s ability to overcome any obstacle and solve any problem with creativity, ingenuity, cooperative effort, and effective collaboration.  I do not see this as possible, however, with the imposition of global governance that is secular and increasingly hostile to our freedoms and values.   


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