Spiritual Development for Fathers, Part 3

Spiritual Development for Fathers part 3

I write unto you, young men, because ye have overcome the wicked one.                      1 John 2:15a

The young man, the example of strength and determination, has a fight in which to engage.  It is neither the child nor the elder that is called on to wage war, but the able-bodied who are of a mind to be trained and developed in the art of warfare.  The same young man who is desirable for fighting is susceptible to pitfalls of pride, vanity, lust, and greed.  For fathers, becoming what you need to be for your own children may mean going back to being a young man and conquering some giants that have been left standing over you.  The same children that come to know the Father and are forgiven of their sins develop into young men equipped for battle.  If you did not make that transition, the time is now.

There are some important things to remember about young men, the youth stage of fatherhood:

  • Though no longer in childhood, the presence and help of more experienced adults is important.  Learning how to parent is not so much about what taught as it is about what is caught.  You learn from looking and are molded by the modeling of another father.
  • Time becomes scarce and there will be temptation to attend to other things besides your children.  Consider the return on your investment in other things compared with the return from investing in your children.
  • Boundary setting is important. Draw lines appropriately to make your home a sanctuary for your family.
  • The battles are too numerous to mention, but God will give the grace to overcome every one.

Look to your Father for help and guidance.  He is the perfect example of fatherhood and will give you strength for each day.


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