High Esteem for a Lowly Fellow (or Why My Kids Think I’m Great)

I know one of the big reasons my boys think so much of me. It’s not a new revelation, I’ve noticed this occurrence before.  I only thought to write about it now.

I’m a do-it-yourself-er around the house, which sometimes causes me to bite off more than I can chew.  But I always have more time than money, so I plunge in.  This time, literally.  Septic tank problems are no fun anytime, but especially not in the summer heat.  After doing all I could to find the reason my toilet wouldn’t flush, I had to dig up the tank.  I enlisted my father’s help for day 1 (it was a 2 day project, during which the toilet was inoperable.)

So I finally get the toilet to flush on day 2.  I had been under the house, trying to break out the clog, in the midst of… I’ll spare you the dirty details.  I had dirt from head to toe and had sweated so much I looked like had been swimming with my clothes on.  But when my wife finally completed the inaugural, successful flush, she and my boys (4 years old and almost 1 year old) stood at the door and cheered me- “Yay, Daddy’s our hero!” Not only did I feel like a hero, but I remembered this very important lesson about children and fathers- children always love and think the best of their fathers when there is a mother to cheer him on.  And children learn that serving and sacrifices are laudable ideals to adopt themselves, when a dad does it and is lauded for it.

I’m a blessed man, and I have no doubt about how bright the future is for my boys.


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