Necessary Tasks for Transition

Spurred by recent changes in my life (promotion, Praise God!), these are tasks I have found and continue to find necessary (in no particular order) for life’s transitions, large or small:

Boundary setting- within relationships and within yourself is really important.

Strengths assessing- what gained you your successes in life are rarely what will keep you there (John Maxwell).  Strengths are to be built on and refined to face the next challenge within the new role or responsibility that transition brings.

Patience testing- is a two-way street.  While transition definitely tries your patience, it also can tax the patience of others affected by the specific transition.

Wilderness wandering- sometimes when you start, you simply don’t know what you don’t know.  There is a time of discovering the unexpected.  And there always is something unexpected, even in changes you think you are prepared for.

Comfort vexing- transitions require getting out of your comfort zone.  Otherwise, it would just be life a usual.

Trust building- trust in existing relationships will either be strengthened or weakened by transition.  New or redefined relationships required to make transition successful entail building a level of trust through which things can be accomplished.

Healthy living- taking care of yourself is important.  Rest and relaxation, eating regularly and healthily (as much as possible), and getting enough sleep are a few of the important aspects of healthy living in transition.

What have you found to be necessary tasks of transition?  Can you add to this list or refine some of the tasks I have already mentioned?


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