Tell Me A Story (Law of Gravity Part 2)

“Daddy, tell me a story about…”

Fill in the blank- the request has been made.  I do the best I can.

“A ninja is a warrior trained in the art of ninjutsu.  He hides his face behind a mask and can sneak past his enemy’s defenses and uses swords and hand-to-hand combat to beat the bad guys!”

“An astronaut rides in a space shuttle up into space.  Those big rockets get the shuttle past the earth’s gravitational pull and then they fall back into the ocean.  Then the astronaut goes to the moon or to a space station!”

“Jesus was God who came to earth as a man.  He preached and he healed people and he did all kinds of good things.  And then he died on a cross so you and me can meet him in heaven someday.  He didn’t stay dead; he rose up after three days and went to get heaven ready for us!”

Kids want to be a part of a story, something bigger than they are, bigger than life!  They are looking for storytellers, guides to lead them to wonderful things.

“Daddy, where are you going?”  “Gotta go to work,” I say.

“Why?”  “A lot of reasons.  I do it to take care of you and your mama and brother.  I do it to help other people.  I do it because it’s important.  You will work for your family and to do good things one day.”

“Daddy, where are we going?”  “To church,” I say.

“Why?”  “Remember how Jesus died on the cross for us?  Going to church makes Him happy.  We tell Him how thankful we are and show Him how much we love Him by going to church.  It makes Him happy!”

Kids are too important, too precious, to make them write their own stories.  We have to sweep them up in something bigger than they are, bigger than WE are!  Something so big, that our children have to carry it on when we are gone.  Something they believe is valuable because WE believe it is valuable.  A life worth living because WE show that it is worth living.

Want to keep your family close?  Want them to find the right way?  Want them to avoid pitfalls and mistakes?  Tell them a story.


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