To be connected, there are three things that will be shared:

  • Shared Experience (got to do something together)
  • Shared Knowledge (got to communicate with each other)
  • Shared Results (got to agree on the outcome of your time together)

To make sure you are connected to your child, you could ask a few simple questions:

  • Did you have as much fun as I did?
  • What did you enjoy doing most today?
  • What did you learn today?
  • Can we do this again sometime?
  • What else would you like to do?

And you could say a few things to your child too:

  • I really enjoyed being with you today!
  • I liked going there with you.
  • I wouldn’t have wanted to be anywhere else today.
  • I’m proud of how you behaved today.
  • Let’s do that again sometime!

2 thoughts on “Connected”

  1. When it comes to holiday cards, I don’t think that’s an apoapprirte time to unburden yourself of all your feelings to another person. Especially not an occasion like fathers day. If you’ve read my blog, before (or are reading it now) I am a huge card person and only give cards to people I love or people I wish to thank for something. However I would never use a card to express my feelings on such serious subject matter. As an adult I know that requires the courage and maturity of a face-to-face discussion. Over the past two years I have personally made my feelings known to my dad and we’ve made amends. It will always be a work in progress but we definitely communicate our “deep thoughts,” on the father-daughter relationship. Thanks for passing through.

    1. Thank you for your comment. I agree that you have to address certain feelings of the past appropriately, even though it may take courage to do so face to face. I think this post gives parents some things to consider so that hopefully while their children are young, they can connect and avoid having very hard conversations later in life. God bless and thanks again!

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