Organizational Change

I’ve found that I have had to make the following changes, or that I will have to try to make changes in the organizations I am involved in, in the following key categories:

  • Procedural- the way things get done.
  • Practical- the way you have to do the things that get done.
  • Philosophical- the motives behind the things that get done.
  • Performance- the way you are evaluated on the things that get done.

Sometimes the answers you get in these 4 areas from the organization you are involved with do not jibe with your personal thoughts, feelings, or convictions.  When this is the case, I encourage the following:

  • Ask questions and get clarification.
  • Ask yourself where the disparity lies for you between your views and the views of those who dictate how things get done.  Is there anything you can accept, if not adapt to, about the way things are now?
  • Compare the answers you get with the mission of the organization.
  • Present new, solid answers to the answers you get if you think your ideas will be more ethical and/or effective.
  • If you can’t resolve the differences, consider going somewhere else.

Don’t give in too easily.  Change is always possible.  And remember that no organization, no matter how lofty its purpose might be, is perfect.


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