Internal Vows, Self-Fulfilling Prophecies, and Generational Curses

“I will never treat my children the way I was treated growing up,” says the mother who was beaten as a child and knows no other way to discipline children.

“I will never be good enough!  Everyone I think that loves me for who I am will always take advantage of me,” says the woman who has been through relationship after relationship, and has been left high and dry time and again.

“It’s my daddy’s fault! He left me and mama, just like his daddy left him and his mama, and now I’ve messed up and can’t be the dad for my kids that I should be,” says the father who left for no reason, with no answer to the questions his children ask.

Real change means overcoming messages that have been passed on and believed, sometimes for decades or even lifetimes, by people who can’t lift their vision above their present circumstances.

Real action is impeded by these messages, but is necessary in order to make meaningful changes, learn new ways of solving problems, script new realities, and chart a different course for the coming generation.

Real help is difficult to offer because your efforts, and sometimes you personally, may be rejected.  But a person stuck in the ruts caused by internal vows, self-fulfilling prophecies, and generational curses can’t get out on their own.  The strength for change will be drawn from the supporters, prayer warriors, truth tellers, and believers who know change is possible.


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