Open Mouths and Closed Minds

“She hates to see him succeed.  She’ll always hold him back.”

“He never sticks with one thing more than a few weeks.  I wonder if he will ever succeed at anything.”

“That family has always been that way.  Never been any count for anything.”

“What will it take for this child to listen?  When she turns 18 she’s gonna end up on drugs and in jail just like her mama.”

“They say year after year they are going to change that policy, but it’s always the same.  They don’t listen to us on the front line.”

The moment a mouth opens with such statements, and judgment has been passed, change really is impossible.

The moment you decide to judge you have lost your ability to help.

The moment you’ve concluded that change is not possible, any effort to effect change becomes superficial and insincere.

Which side of the fence do you want to be on?  Do you want to pass judgment or effect change?  Think before you speak.


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