Home Base

Are you home base for someone?  Someone who wants to, or needs to, get out and explore unfamiliarity with the knowledge they have a safe place to which to return?

Are you the parent of a toddler, or teen, or young adult, who seems to be venturing farther away into new things, wonderful things, but always comes back around for attention, affirmation and support?

Are you the supervisor for a new employee who has come with all the right qualifications to go out and do the job, but comes around frequently for confirmation and reinforcement?

Are you a Sunday school teacher or youth leader who watches students go off to flirt around the fringes, only to bound back for prayer and instruction?

It can be frustrating.  It can seem futile.  But if you are someone’s home base, you are very important.  Because of your patience and presence, those who look to you will eventually have the confidence to do right and well on their own.  Because you model the proper practices, actions, and reactions for someone, they will eventually act with confidence independently.

It doesn’t always take words.  Sometimes a nod and a smile, a prayer and some encouragement are all that is needed.  It doesn’t take giving the answers, but it’s enough to watch and be there as discovery happens.


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