The Wisdom of 5 Years

We celebrated my son Elisha’s 5th birthday today, October 22nd.  It is hard to imagine my little by being 5 years old; the time has flown by.  However, I am confident that we have made the best of it, because I see in Elisha a young man that has grown a lot, not just in size, but in lots of other ways.  For example:

  • Elisha is so talkative!  I was never as outgoing as him.  Not only can he talk about what interests him, but he asks questions, he’s inquisitive, and he can carry on a pretty good conversation about the things you like, too.
  • Elisha can really read people!  He can tell if you are interested or bored, happy or sad, and respond accordingly.
  • Elisha is getting a real grip on controlling himself!  Sure he needs prompting, sometimes a lot of prompting, to behave or be quiet.  But he has come to take pride in not crying when he otherwise would bawl, or respond with compliance when he feels like resisting and screaming.
  • Elisha is learning the value of praise and positive reinforcement: he rewards his mother and me when we don’t spank him or send him to the corner!  He tells us and others when we do a good job.
  • Elisha is learning to praise Jesus in all things!  Last weekend I said something about how nice it was outside, and he said, “Jesus has given us a beautiful day!  Thank you, Jesus!”  Today his mother asked him if he had thanked Jesus for the great day we had, and he did.  Then he said on his own, “I love you, Jesus!”

I can see a lot of things I wish I had done better over my son’s first 5 years.  But the things I mentioned above let me know we have done something right.  And I couldn’t be more proud of my big boy!  Happy Birthday, E!  I love you!


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