How It All Stacks Up

Government- help secure and maintain my civil liberties and protect me from those things that would disrupt the general peace within the nation, state, county, and city or municipality in which I live.

Business- provide me with a product or service that benefits my life and that of my family at a reasonable cost based on the market value.  In so doing, provide opportunities for gainful employment and financial investment.  Add value to my community.

Community- live as people that want to work together for a clean, wholesome, safe place to work, play, and belong.  Solve problems and meet needs that are specific to our area and the resident individuals and families.

Church- be the body of Christ, the place where the Spirit of Christ resides and the work of Christ is done according to the Bible.  Attend to the spiritual needs of grace, salvation, righteousness, and holiness.  Take the proper position of helping individuals and families in need.

Family- love, care for, and teach children the ways of God, the needs of society, and the skills of living and working, through the work of loving parents and other relatives.  Promote the values and ethics that create responsible adults, who will be the leaders, business owners, fathers, mothers, and citizens of tomorrow.  Provide the material and financial needs of those in the household.

Self- be responsible to God for making the right decisions that make a difference in this world and the one to come.

Starting at the top of the stack and working down, none of these entities can solve problems or meet needs that are designated to the one below it.  Each can only provide the opportunity for the ones below it by staying in its proper place.

We live in a world, however, in which government, business, and the community are touted as having society’s answers.  These three only are valuable when the self, family, and church are strong.  The answers to some of the toughest problems in our society are closer to the home and the heart than we think.


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