Choose, This Day

I can’t claim to be your leader.  And you can’t claim to be the leader of someone else.  But by default or design, you and I lead.  To Heaven, help, and hope; or heaviness, hurt and Hell; we lead.

“Choose you this day whom you will serve,” as spoken by Joshua, was not just a personal decision.  A moral and Godly nation, family, or person cannot just say, “I choose.”  “Put away the strange gods among you, and turn to God,” was the next instruction. What a mockery it would have been for a nation to claim that Jehovah was the One God, while privately the people set up idols among the other peoples.  The world would be led to hurt, not to healing.

There must be a decision and dedication that shows through, a walk to match the talk, a touch to match the voice.  And for good, or ill, we lead.


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