Momentum Building!

One year ago, the Lord led my family and I to go to the Blue Goose United Pentecostal Church. Pastor Harold Jaco and his precious wife, Sis. Juanita Jaco, had taken the church as interim pastor about six months prior to us coming. Not long after that, Sis. Jaco passed away due to cancer.

Pastor Jaco was determined to continue God’s work at Blue Goose after his wife’s passing. And the fruit of that decision is being experienced each week. The church body is energized by new guests, claims of healing, outstanding testimonies each service, and Holy Ghost baptisms. What has been happening on a small scale and infrequently is about to happen on a grand scale as a regular occurrence.

I am so thankful for Pastor Jaco’s dedication, for the commitment of the saints at Blue Goose, and for laborers everywhere who are making small strides that are building up into the greatest move of God their communities have ever experienced! I believe it is God’s will to the glory of Jesus name that revival’s momentum grow until His coming everywhere that people call on His Name!


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