Momentum Building! Week 2

God keeps on doing great things at Blue Goose! Last week I wrote a
post for my blog that is now turning into a series as God continues to bless at Blue Goose Pentecostal church.

As Julie and I went door knocking yesterday in the community, we realized how many people either have attended our church, know someone in our church, or even were saved in our church years ago. We began to think and wonder about how to get such people back into the doors of our church. It can become so easy to think that, if someone has not been in church for a long time, they don’t want to be there and there’s no use in trying to reach out to them.

It should be obvious that the greatest soul winning resource the church has is its people, those are able to reach out to their community, the people they know, and share what great things God is doing. We have had such great testimony of God’s power to heal, provide financial miracles, and bring loved ones back to the Lord in our services! The Lord let me know that these stories need to be told outside of the walls of the church, to those who are looking for the answer.

Pastor Jaco’s message this morning was titled “When the Spirit of Israel Revives.” He preached of how Jacob’s long-lost son was rediscovered when he heard the wagons approaching with the provision from Egypt, and the invitation of his sons to come to Egypt where Joseph would have all of their needs met for the rest of their lives. At the end of the service, a spontaneous testimony service broke out about how the wagons have already arrived in many homes and lives.

In the evening service, the spirt of worship was very strong. But Brother Nathan was able to preach a few moments on the power of a testimony. He began calling on people to share praise reports, and people got excited telling what God has done for them. Jesus spoke through gifts of the Spirit that the Redeemed must “say so” and sing the songs of Zion to those who are lost in this world. Who else is going to “ring God’s praises far and wide?

The message of the Holy Spirit is clear to me- we must be ready to share the blessings of God with those we meet and know! Showing our praise and gratitude to God before the world is what will let the Spirit shine through and bring in those who need God so desperately!

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