What’s Your Problem with Authority? Part 2

I’m an amateur etymologist, so when I put my untrained eye to the word “authority,” the word “author” stands out to me. Some one who authors, founds, or initiates something has inherent authority in that which is authored. Sometimes in life someone authors something but they do it on someone else’s behalf or sell/give over ownership to someone else. In that case the owner has authority.

One of the problems with authority is an attitude that- there is no Author. All “truths” are equally valid. There is no universal truth, all views are accepted. By extension, there is little respect for any point of view that comes from an “authority” or “expert”- “that’s just another person, flesh and blood, just like me. Why should I listen to him?” I’m afraid that’s the prevailing attitude of the world regarding authority.

In coming posts, I want to look at how authority is still valid and important, and how it must be and can be balanced with important truths to make it relevant and acceptable to others. Especially in the home.


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