Words of Appreciation

On tomorrow, April 27th, at 4:30pm, there will be a celebration of the Master of Social Work program’s accreditation at Union University. I was in the first graduating class from this program in 2010. I also earned my Bachelor of Social Work degree at Union, graduating in 2008. Being a social work grad at Union is one of the most prized distinctions in my life.

I often think back on my time as a student and remember profound words spoken to me by professors I have sat under in each of those programs. In appreciation for the many lessons learned and in celebration of the MSW accreditation, I give you a sampling of the most impactful words and those who spoke them to me at Union:

Ms. Roslyn Wilson: Social work is “where the rubber meets the road!” Also, individually, she encouraged me to seek out help and take care of myself at a crucial time.
Ms. Mary Anne Poe: Justice is all about being in right relationship to God and others.
Dr. Teresa Blakley: Go out and be excellent; lives depend on it! Also, there are no limits- if you can’t find the way to make a difference, make your own opportunities and start something new.
Dr. Todd Stanfield: There is rarely one cause of or solution to complex social problems.
Dr. Janet Furness: Spiritual leadership involves drawing strength from God and pouring it back into your leadership persona.
Dr. Rhonda Hudson: Individually, she raised the bar for me in my academic work and encouraged me to do my very best.

These lessons may seemed scattered or even irrelevant to some, but they all have had a huge impact on who I have become as a person and as a professional. I’m thankful for them and for the association I have had with great people who have expanded my horizons in social work.


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