Come Sunday Morning

Come Sunday morning…
You don’t have to be perfect. Or feel guilt about your week, about being weak or broken.
You don’t have to regret your lack. Or be astonished by your laxness, wishing you had done more.

Come Sunday morning…
It’s time for renewal. You can come as you are, pray as you are, praise God as you are, but leave differently than when you came.
It’s time for revival. A conviction develops, a dream is born, a purpose is realized.

On the Lord’s Day, it’s okay to dress up the outside, put on the Sunday best. But it’s okay to be a mess on the inside. How else can Jesus take care of the needs of your life or mine?

There may be those reading who do not worship on Sunday, or who do not worship at all. Whatever your religion or belief, understand this- when the pressure of attempting perfection in vain becomes too much to bear, there is One who does not regard the perfection of man and stands ready to plant His perfection in you. His name is Jesus.

And with Jesus, no prior preparation is required.

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