Why I Write About Fatherhood

I don’t write about fatherhood every time I write. But I definitely get the most bang for my writing buck when I do. And it has nothing to do with how many people read my fatherhood posts. This is why I write about fatherhood:

1. I’m a father; not just a father, but one who knows the value of having a great father.
2. I have a calling to promote fathering in writing and speaking.
3. Strong, godly fathers are the greatest assets to and resource for the family, the church, and the community at large.
4. Lack of such fathers is one of the greatest crises in society, the symptoms of which are evident in the number of broken homes, the rate of youth crime, and the prevalence of violence and abuse.
5. The love of the Father is supposed to be known through fathers.

This is a brief but complete list of reasons I write about fatherhood. This post isn’t just to inform you of my motives. Everyone is touched by fatherhood for good or for ill. My mission is to see more people touched by fatherhood in the best way possible.


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