What Are Dads Good For?


I picked up a Working Mother magazine (June/July 2012) at work today, the cover of which read, “How Dad Does It.” I had to flip open and read the article.

It’s called “Lessons From Working Dads” (you can read it here ). I had to appreciate that the magazine was giving props to dads, who can admittedly have a different parenting style than moms. As a working dad of 2 boys, I grinned as I read the list with more than a glimmer of recognition.

The list of 10 things that “working dads know best” is fine, but I think I want to hold a more distinctive place in my children’s nurturing and development. Not as compared to the role their mother plays, but as compared to the role of a “good” father as acknowledged by society.

I want to show them Jesus and teach them what family means. I want them to know things I have taught them, I mean the actual words I have said to them, by heart. I want them to know how to treat women by the way I treat my one and only wife, who incidentally is the mother of all my children! I want them to know how to handle the tough times in life by the way I handle those times in my life. And I want them to know how to be fathers by the way I have been a father to them.

Take some time to consider what you want to impart to your children. And pray that God will give you what you need to do just that.


2 thoughts on “What Are Dads Good For?”

  1. Love this! Thank you for being a committed believer in Christ and a devoted husband and Dad. I thank God for men like you and your powerful influence for Him on you family!

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