Every Child Should Have a Father Like This…


I’ve been blogging for a long time now. I write about faith, family, and fatherhood. I’m very passionate about it and becoming much more intentional about the impact I hope and pray my efforts make.

Narrowing down your focus can be difficult. But I discovered this week that it doesn’t have to be. Deciding what my focus should be came very easy when I stopped to look back at what has made the biggest impact on me as I have learned to be a father to my children and a leader for my family.

And so I make the following declaration, which will be the focus of my assertion and exertion, personally and in my work to strengthen fathers and families:

Every child should have a father.
That father is to be loving, wise, and just.

There is the Father of all, Jesus Christ, whom all must know. He also is the benchmark for love, wisdom, and justice that earthly fathers must imitate. And so my efforts would be two-fold: know the Father, and imitate Him. By teaching on love, wisdom, and justice, I would hope to inspire those who would be like Him for their children, as well as the fatherless of the world.

Simple, huh? Well, simply stated at least. If it were easy, then there would be many more happy children of all ages. There would be stronger families and a better society. I know I am one of many voices that are saying fathers need to step up for their children and families. But until every child has a relationship with their Father and the example of a father, I’ll keep speaking out in the best way I know how, in the way God has revealed to me to do so.


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