Family- What Does Dad Get Out Of It?


Psalms 68:6- God setteth the solitary in families: he bringeth out those which are bound with chains: but the rebellious dwell in a dry [land].

Why does God set those who are alone in families? What does dad get out of being engaged with his family?

If anything has a more negative connotation than “family” (“dysfunctional, worrisome, overbearing, intrusive,”) its “father” (“absent, aloof, uninvolved, angry, abusive, deadbeat…”). But father is a part of God’s plan for family, and fathers are meant to be in families.

As we continue looking at the concept of family, can we consider that the weakness of one limb (mother, father, children) might be directly related to a sickness in the body(the family)?

So what’s in it for dad?
Strength in numbers- constant companionship
Complimentary relationship- a partner in life, for life
Opportunity to build- a legacy bigger and better than one’s own
Renown of future generations- the appreciation of ancestors who are blessed by a Godly example
Eternal blessing- reward for good and faithful service to one’s family

2 things- I know these benefits of the family for fathers seem lofty, far-and-away, and out of reach. These benefits are not consolation prizes. But I think we need to set our sights higher than they have been if we are going to put Family in it’s rightful place.

Second, to take advantage of these benefits, dads have to bare a lot of responsibility. We’re focusing on the perks right now; the responsibilities become more clear as we talk about the benefits of family for moms and kids.

Dads, how have you personally experienced these benefits of family?

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