Secrets to Being a Dreamer…

I just finished reading the book of Genesis. From chapter 42 until the end, I couldn’t stop or put it down. Why? Because it described the fulfillment of a series of DREAMS that occurred about 20 years earlier.

Joseph’s emotion as he knew his brothers was astounding, and his eventual reveal to them and reunion with his father made me want to cheer- it really is a story that includes every strong emotion you can think of, and I read it like I was reading it this time for the first time. Read it yourself here.

Joseph was a dreamer in the fullest sense as he had a dream and never let it go, seeing it all the way through to completion./b> Here are some secrets to glean if you want to realize your dreams:
Believe in your dream.
Don’t forget about your dream even in adversity.
Keep your dream at the center- don’t be hijacked by distractions and forgive those who wronged you so you can fulfill the vision you have been given.

The most important piece of advise was given by Joseph himself to his brothers as they departed to bring Jacob to Egypt: “See that ye fall not out along the way.” The most tragic end a dream can meet is for the dreamer to give out and quit!

Have you left anything on the table from your dreams? What can you learn from Joseph’s story in order to bring your DREAM back into focus?

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