By Faith… Repentance

Ephesians 2:8- For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: [it is] the gift of God:

By faith- a place in a crowd becomes an altar of repentance.

At TN District Campmeeting, Bro. Scott Graham preached, “Great is the Lord” from Ps. 145:3. The entirety of the message was about the greatness of God and how we get so accustomed to the things of God that we take His greatness for granted.

As big and great as God is, He still hears a whispered word of prayer. In a crowd, in the middle of trouble, we each can find a place of repentance and God will hear.

Why repentance? Because families are hurt by individuals. No matter how long ago or how much the family owns the hurt, it started with 1 member. And that member not only sinned against the family, but he sinned against God.

Healing starts with repentance- asking Christ for forgiveness and turning away from sin. And repentance is done by faith.

All have sinned and fallen short.
Lest you become a part of the problem…
And so that you might become the start of the solution…
Repentance, by FAITH, is the response to Christ’s love that is needed.

Responding to Jesus by faith invites power to overcome all hurts of the past. What do you think holds families and individuals back?et me know what you think!


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