How Is Your Vision?

“Victims succumb to “fate.” Victors create it. Not all goes their way, but they lament little, asking the QBQ (question behind the question), ‘How can I move forward?'”
(tweet from John G. Miller, @QBQguy, 7/10/12)

This tweet caught my attention as I considered a blog series on the victim vs. victor mentality. A person can not go forward without overcoming being a victim.

I have worked with people who have been victimized in terrible ways by uncaring and even malicious others. I have also worked with families who have gotten caught up in a sense of generational and perpetual victimization.
I do not minimize the suffering of anyone who has been mistreated physically or emotionally.
I only state that in order for anyone to go forward and take others forward with them, the victim must become a victor!

And so, with this simple premise laid out, keep reading as I pull from different sources and contexts to show that victimization can be overcome, survival can be embraced, and leading can occur that changes individuals and families for good!


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