There’s Power in Sharing Through Conversation

My sympathy, prayers, and condolences go out to the victims and survivors of the horrible tragedy in Aurora, Colorado.

Acts like the one perpetrated there affect people around the country and the world. My initial reaction was very subdued and mostly mental.

And then I talked about it.

While describing the reports I have heard throughout the day to someone, I began to feel a real sense of loss, a physical sensation in my stomach, and true sadness. I didn’t think it was any more horrible when i talked about it than I did when I first heard about it earlier in the morning, but talking about it made it more real for me. And I needed that.

If you think you’re numb because there is so much tragedy in this world-
If you’re afraid you are desensitized to the needs of others-
If you are having trouble making sense of it all-

Try talking about it. Talk to a friend, talk to God.

But don’t run from feeling and even embracing loss.

Have you had an experience, like I did, where recounting or talking about a tragedy or event helped you connect with it in a meaningful way? Let me know!


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