The Elevator Pitch

One of the most helpful points I have gotten from Michael Hyatt’s book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World, both practically and philosophically, is the concept of having an “elevator pitch.”

Can you tell anyone who wants to know what you are basically about, in the timeframe of a short elevator ride?

In the context of Hyatt’s book, the elevator pitch is about presenting your business or product clearly and succinctly in person. But it begs the question on a life-sized scale- how simply and clearly can you state what is most important to you?

Worldview and life philosophy can be complicated- but you know yourself best when you can say what you are all about in a clear and compelling way.

I’m working on my elevator pitch for my blog- hope to share it soon. If you keep track of such things, you’ll have noticed that I have narrowed my focus with the byline “Every Family, Every Father, By Faith.” Hey, it’s a start.

What about my life’s elevator pitch. Also still in process, but here’s a good stab at it:

I want to Communicate Jesus Christ to others
Convey love, wisdom, justice
Create a legacy
Challenge others, for the glory of God.

What would your elevator pitch sound like?

(I am not an affiliate of Amazon and receive no compensation for linking you to Michael Hyatt’s book.)


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