Truth, Justice, and the American Way


The heat is on, courtesy of a couple of city mayors whose stance is, if you take a stand for traditional marriage, family values, and biblical principles of morality, you shouldn’t be permitted to have a business in their cities. So it is in Boston and Chicago in the wake of Dan Cathy’s comments declaring Chik-Fil-A’s commitment to faith and family. Thankfully, multitudes are committing to strongly support the business and are speaking out via social media in Chik-Fil-A’s defense, like Michelle Malkin does here.

For many, if not most, absolute truth as presented in the Bible is at the root of the belief that homosexual relationships are immoral. Immoral acts, especially when they are institutionalized by governments, pose a grave threat to the well being of families and communities. Such is the case with efforts to legalize gay marriage.

I believe in absolute truth- the Word of God. Ironically, those who claim there is no absolute truth, in doing so, must make a statement of absolute truth.
“There is no absolute truth,” is a definitive and absolute statement.

As a believer in God’s absolute truth, I believe that homosexuality is immoral and contrary to God’s law. This belief, and many others derived from God’s Word, directly impact the way I live my life and teach my children. In that way, I make judgments all the time based on a fixed point of reference, so that I can live in a way that pleases Jesus Christ at all times.

Later I want to address the idea of being judgmental or intolerant, charges that have been leveled at Christians who take a strong stand for biblical morality.

Let me know your thoughts!


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