A Father’s Powerful Prayer for Life

I got a surprising and powerful opportunity today as I took my run…

I listened to my Daily Audio Bible app on my iPhone as I was running. It was the August 9th edition and was from Ezra and 1 Corinthians. A lot of times I turn it off after the scripture but today I let it play as I finished (good sign- I’m running farther these days!)

I listened to the prayer requests and witnessed one of the most heart-felt and powerful declarations ever… “I feel there is still life inside my wife.”

Curtis from Bakersfield, CA said this as he requested prayer for his 8-week-old, unborn child that doctors has said was stillborn. The recommendation was to have a “DNC and allow the healing to begin from this loss.”

But God had told him, “There is still life there,” so the abortion was cancelled. Within a week from the recording of the request, there was to be an exam to determine if God would show the doctors that He is in control!

Listen to the podcast here all the way to the end to hear the prayer request. It’ll bless you!

Pray for life in this family- pray that the desire for life will be so strong in other homes that the same declaration and request will be made to the glory of God!

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