The Making of a Personal Best

I have been blessed with a couple of personal bests recently.

In the month of July, I had my highest number of total views on this blog. I can’t measure number of unique visitors yet, but 207 views made me ecstatic!

Just today, I ran 4.6 miles at a pace of 9:15 mins./mile. Until today I had been focusing on making 2 miles at the best time possible, but I knew I needed to lengthen my run in order to improve. But I didn’t know I would run so far and at the same pace I have been running my 2-mile route in. I was thrilled!

There have been some difficult circumstances lately too, don’t get me wrong. But I was actually meditating on the subject of “What factors into a personal best?” as I was finishing the last leg of my run today, and here are some things I have learned from these 2 positive experiences that I definitely want to apply in other areas of life:

You have to PUSH yourself in order know how far you can go, and then go farther. Can’t stop when the “feel-good” is gone!

You have to visualize where you are going and not stop until you get there. It definately beats running aimlessly until you get tired!

You have to put forth daily, or at least regular, regimented effort in order to improve.

Momentum means the drive to succeed exceeds the fear of failure- and it builds as a result of the 3 previous points.

A lot of support goes into the making of a personal best- no one does it on their own (thanks Juju, E, and J for your patience and support!)

I’m applying these thoughts from my writing and running to keep those two areas growing, and to improve in other areas of life- wont you join me?

I’m a novice in both running and writing- so what have you learned that could be added to my list?


8 thoughts on “The Making of a Personal Best”

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  1. Pain is temporary and the break-through moment of pushing further than you ever have before will last forever. Sounds a little corny, but I still am full of pride when I think of my races that I completed faster than I anticipated.

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