Lose Your Soul In 1 Easy Step


A lifeless marriage…
A dead-end job…
A broken relationship…
A cold spiritual life…

Situations that suck the soul right out of you. What do they have in common?

The key to losing your soul in 1 easy step is- lose your PASSION.

Forget about what is most important. Give in to everyone else’s demands. Don’t speak up. Bury your talent. Let bureaucracy bog you down. Never let your creativity show.

We each have a choice in everything we do, in every relationship we enter into. We can share, give-and-take, communicate, keep focus on what’s important, say “no” when needed, eagerly accept opportunities that feed us. Or… not.

The greatest gift you can give your spouse, children, friends, employees or peers is to be strong and passionate about what is important to you!


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