The Making of a Personal Best 2

Lord let this meager effort today contribute to farther and faster tomorrows- my runner’s prayer

Unlike my last post on this topic, I didn’t beat my personal best in running distance or speed. Sickness probably contributed, and pushing through with my usual routine (every other day) has probably prolonged my stuffy-headed condition.

But I’m thankful to God and you for another personal best- 247 views at this blog month to date for August! With one more day to go, it’s quite possible we will break 250. I know it isn’t much for many of you, but that’s the thing about personal bests- they are determined by getting the best results from something based on your effort and determination. Nothing more, nothing less.

So I want to share further contributors to the making of a personal best for me:
Relationship building
Planning the work, working the plan
Prayer and meditation on God’s word

I will always strive to bring you content that is challenging and encouraging at this blog. If it’s not good for you, then it is no good for me! So take the chance to rate, comment, like, share, and follow (RSS, Feedburner, NetworkedBlogs, or email). Reach out to me @glengaugh on Twitter and watch for a new fan page at Facebook!

Most of all, thanks for sharing in one of my personal bests!


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