I protest by your rejoicing which I have in Christ Jesus our Lord, I die daily. (1 Corinthians 15:31)

This highlighted portion of scripture is an example of daily recommitment.

Let’s get this straight- death, required daily? Death- literal or figurative- implies something that’s permanent, right? You don’t redo death. What’s done is done.

How ironic. Commitment doesn’t seal the deal, if done only once. It must be done daily.

I have had a huge amount of recommitment to make lately. Can you see yourself in any of my recommitments?

  • Renewal in ministry
  • Rededication to fatherhood
  • Reevaluation of goals
  • Realignment of work priorities
  • The idea of daily dying becomes clearer when I realize: for each role or responsibility I resume, another priority must pass away. And those that pass away, in every case, represent something that has grown out of selfishness, greed, ego, or pride- a well-worn road of ease rather than a worthy path of promise.

    The mental exercise of reevaluation can be exhausting. But the real sign of recommitment is action. Recommitment is not mental assent, but it is acting on your beliefs. It takes courage. It sometimes means mourning the loss of something good in your life that must be replaced by something great.

    So what leads to a need for recommitment?

  • Changing seasons of life
  • Crises of life-changing proportion
  • Chafing under the yoke of complacency
  • Chances to settle for less than your dream
  • Choices that have led you away from that which is most important
  • Daily course corrections keep you from straying away from the the things that are most important. The best policy is always to change before you are forced to.

    Can you remember the last time you were passionate about something? Your family, your work, your contribution to society? Your relationship with God? How far do you have to go back to resume where you left off? If you can remember the last time you were on track with your commitments, you can resume today, right now. Small steps daily lead to the biggest strides in life.


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