Opportunity Knocks in Funny Ways

I sat with two families today who were sideswiped by crisis. Some families live in constant chaos. Others do not expect the unexpected until it happens. Threats made by children and teens to harm or kill themselves are especially difficult to deal with for families.

Crisis presents danger, but also opportunity.

A lot goes through the mind when a child or teen is in crisis…
How could I have missed the signs?
Is it my fault? Who is to blame?
Where did this come from?
Is this real? Or just an attempt at getting attention?

Remember when a child or teen in your home experiences thoughts of harm to self:
He is seeking attention- attention that will hopefully bring relief and affirmation.
Threats or even just expressing thoughts of harm to self should always be taken seriously.
Once you are aware, you can act to relieve stress and depression and increase positive interaction with your child.
It is an opportunity to bring real change that can help everyone involved.
Don’t blame- it is no one’s fault, but everyone can contribute to the solution!

Can you see both danger and opportunity in crisis? Avoiding blame is hard- what are your supports in time of crisis? How will you frame crisis for a child or teen in crisis?

September is Suicide Prevention Month. Educate yourself and be prepared to act in order to help those in need.

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