Life and Hope

Loss of life= loss of hope.

I know that we look at this the other way around so often- loss of hope leading to loss of life. But actually the opposite is true. The problem is this: how hard is hope to see when life is so very hard.

While there is life, there is potential.
While there is breath, there is a chance.
Where there is a spark, there is the chance for a flame.
Where there is a glimpse of good, there is the opportunity for greatness.
While there is life… God still has a plan for you.

Once life is lost, potential perishes.
When breath ceases, chance favors none.
When the spark extinguishes, flame is futile.
And dim eyes recognize nothing.
Without life… the book is closed on God’s purpose.

Difficult to see… it takes someone else to help. Those who see no hope need a hope-speaker. Those who have hope need to find a hope-seeker.

“Therefore choose life, that both thou and thy seed may live.” Deuteronomy 30:19.


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