If I Needed a Reason to Spend Time with my Kids…

We have been looking forward to one special event all week at my house. We brought it up to each other every morning, and reminded each other each night. We exclaimed about it at various times during the day, and mine and my wife’s excitement about it were matched only by my sons’- it was Danish with Dad at Elisha’s school!

Danish with Dad was PTO-sponsored event at the school in which dads came to eat danish and spend time in the classroom with their children. And in our case, even little brother Jesse joined in! This morning as I was finishing up getting ready, Jesse was at the door with his lunch box in hand, acting just like brother. Elisha was excited about his dad and his little brother coming to school with him. And me- I can’t tell you how glad I was that the school was hosting the gathering. Many other dads were too- almost every child in my son’s class brought their dad.

I enjoy my kids for a lot of reasons. Their smiles, their excitement, life, and innocence, and in the case of my oldest- the conversation is actually really good! When I get tired and feel like taking a step back from my boys, I just look around and see that I don’t need a single reason more to pour time into my children- I get way more back in joy than I give to them.



One thought on “If I Needed a Reason to Spend Time with my Kids…”

  1. Thank you It has been a crazy two weeks, to say the least. Things will definitely be denferift, for instance my wife just asked does that whale outfit have feet? Yea, things are a little bit denferift I love it! I have never been so happy in my entire life!

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